Saturday, April 23, 2011


In honor of my favorite (sarcasm) holiday I thought I'd share one of the bands that I love even though they are relatively new to my collection. Xpq-21 is from Germany and mixes together many genres (industrial, techno, some trance, and gothic) to create some insanely catchy tracks. From their cover of the classic Bauhaus track "Bela Lugosi's Dead" featured on Belle Epoque to the the 8 minute "In Your Eyes" from their limited edition Alive LP, Xpq-21 really have a diverse offering at their disposal. With a plethora of remixes, edits, and guest vocalists on many of the bands tracks there are multiple versions of about everything they have ever done, making it easier for people to find something that they enjoy. The Vampire Freaks Fxxk The Mainstream Compilation version of "Jesus Was Gay" is an example of this, as the track has been remixed specifically for the collection. Overall this is band that fans of many genre's can enjoy, go check them out!

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