Saturday, April 16, 2011

Benn Jordan - Pale Blue Dot

Benn Jordan is best known for his solo work under the moniker of The Flashbulb, but fewer may have heard of his space ambient album, Pale Blue Dot. A complete escape from his typically eclectic music, the album showcases a serene, introspective side, that works immensely well in conjuring sounds of the mystical void. With ethereal, profound melodies, Benn portrays space as something full of life, something tangible - reachable. Space is given a voice which is neither cold nor dead. With lush synths, he paints the infinite blackness with a sense of warmth, like feeling the sun’s rays upon one’s face. The result is a breathtaking journey that glides effortlessly off Earth, into the unknown, and back home again. For the common man who may only ever experience space vicariously through a television set, Pale Blue Dot nurtures the space adventurist in us all. The ride is a smooth one from beginning to last, reminding us that although there is much to fear out there, the beauty, the complete illustriousness of the universe is magnificent to behold.

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