Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Visual Tendencies of Kangding Ray's Music

Although culture in North America gets tossed back and forth by the technological outburst of the past couple of decades, our world has not yet flourished into the Post-Utopian society that was readily fronted by 90's science fiction. There are no flying cars, holographic computer devices that are control by the thought processes of your mind, robots or really anything as cool as the future that was, to some degree, promised through a constant re-occurrence of interrelated themes and concepts. However what has been, nearly mastered, is the music which we will use to provide the ideal soundtrack for this future, the future we are all waiting in hopeless anticipation for. Kangding Ray offers some of the best music in this regard. His music offers complex textures and subtle mechanical beats that truly reflect the abstract futuristic concept. I often imagine myself sitting in a solid white room with the bleep-bloop-bleep of computers functioning around me and the subtle glitching of Stabil as it plays in the background. I the observer having the epiphic and pleasantly comforting thought like "yes, this is the future and anything is possible". However I have also been told that people imagine the pleasantries accompanied with trips to the beach and watching the water burst upon the shore, only to recede beautiful back into the vivid vastness of the ocean. Whether it provides either of these, or maybe even a completely different meta-physical observation one thing remains certain. Kangding Ray's music creates a relaxing and blissful glimpse into what could be, rather than what is, within the moment in which you listen to it in.

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