Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Namnambulu - Distances

Namnambulu entered the synth/futurepop scene in 2002 and looking back it never fails to make me a bit sad that I wasn't interested in the genre(s) enough to care back then. The group was composed of only two members, Henrik Iversen and Vasi Vallis, and their 2003 Distances is a masterpiece. The album is full of their own style with fully enjoyable and danceable tracks thanks to Vallis's skill, and lyrics that are both uplifting yet can become heavy when the need arises due to Iversen's writing ability. While the band only lasted a meagre three years demand for the duo's work has not diminished; 2010 saw a re-release, dubbed Distances (Black Edition), and is by far the easier to find. While the below is not the full version (that running a full 6:05) it is an excellent showcase of what the band has to offer. I also highly recommend checking out the track "Guardian Angel" if you find the below even remotely enjoyable.


  1. :O

    Deception was one of my favourite songs of last year.

  2. I really enjoyed the band, but could never find this album. Luckily my local DJ was kind enough to give me some music last night and this was included; I really love the entire feel of the album.