Monday, April 11, 2011

Swarms - Old Raves End

If Mary-Anne Hobbs is to be remembered for any one thing (and this of course, will not be the case) then I'd have to cast my vote towards this. Swarms are a three piece collective, who for a time, made music just for fun. On a whim tracks were sent out to various pirate dj's and after recieving rave reviews and acclaim (mainly spearheaded by Hobbs' insistence on playing the tunes everywhere she went, the band were convinced enough to turn their hobby into a full time venture. Without Mary-Anne, we might not have Old Raves End. Truly one of the greatest albums to emerge from this year so far, Swarms conduct an electic orchestra of ambient and dubstep all held in place with a post rock aesthetic. A must have for anyone who likes their atmosphere massive, and their beats soulful. Check out 'Flikr Of Ur Eyes' here.

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