Sunday, April 17, 2011

ManufraQture - In Spite

If it were not for Industrialized Metal the majority of people would have never found their way into the genre. Providing samples, occasional synths, and overlaid with heavy guitars bands in this vein slowly allow the listener to grow accustomed to something different. ManufraQture is another one of these gateway groups, proud to flaunt their genre fence-riding. Having released two albums (relatively under the radar) the Chicago based group has much to offer those curious about the genre, and a few of their remixed track are enjoyable even to those already into the Industrial scene. "Friqtion" comes from their second album In Spite and shows the band experimenting with a slightly different sound than my favorite track by the band (see below).

If you can find their first album No Rest For The Wicked give the track "Ready To Face (Violence Machine Remix)" a listen as it is more in the vein of Encephalon's Drowner E.P. Best of luck though, as I have yet to find the track streaming on the Internet.

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