Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hyx - The Multiverse

Hyx. You don't know Hyx? Well, it's not surprising since this is his solo debut. He is part of a drum & bass collective called Telemetrik (Coming soon to a blog near you) but his EP is far from being remotely connected to d’n’b. This 4-song release is a great display of electro-house and a good omen of what’s to come. Not good enough for you? OK, what if I tell you it’s free? Well, not completely free but all he asks from you is to pay with a tweet or facebook update. If you’re too cheap to do even that or don’t do social networking (you lonely man) post and I’ll upload it.

But tell your friends.

Have a taste:

Pay with a tweet or fb update!

1 comment:

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