Monday, April 25, 2011

Be My Enemy - Shot By Both Sides

For some reason music in the electronic vein seems to love to fill E.P.'s with remixed tracks, often making me wonder what would an E.P. be like with all new material. UK group Be My Enemy is slightly different with their latest E.P. Shot By Both Sides, having three of the four tracks being new material. While the opening track "Eyes Set To Kill" showcases a more rock influenced sound that meanders into lightly influenced dubstep territory (the band is self described as "a uncompromising energetic fusion of Rave ,Metal ,Techno and Punk") the other three tracks are the real gems of this free release. "Acid Test (Black Sheep Cover)" brings to mind the silliness of Neuroticfish combined with a fast danceable beat, whereas "The Chemical Suite" would fit in The Matrix soundtrack with its prominent guitar and interplaying harsh and soft vocal work. My main complaint with the E.P. is that "Eyes Set To Kill" is no lyrical wonder, actually hurting what could have been a strong if mediocre track. Luckily the band included the remixed version which does away with the horrid repeated lines and provides the listener with six and a half minutes of electronic goodness.

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