Sunday, April 24, 2011

Assemblage 23 - Contempt [1999]

When you think about futurepop, there may be a certain duo that comes to mind: VNV Nation. And while I do not doubt that VNV did coin the "futurepop" label, I do feel as though a certain somebody is always overlooked and that man is Assemblage 23. The one man project consisting of Tom Shear (lyrics & music) really does what the definition of futurepop is: emotional vocals and dance-y arpeggios layered on simple 4/4 beats. Any fan of VNV Nation, Pride And Fall, or Neuroticfish is sure to become a fan of this man. And despite already having 6 studio albums, Assemblage 23 remains as one of the most consistent futurepop acts I've ever heard.

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