Thursday, June 16, 2011

Panic LIft - Witness To Our Collapase

The band's cover might seem like it would fit on the latest release by your favorite post-hardcore band, or back when Atreyu decided they wanted to be a bit more charismatic with their cover art. Luckily for the listener neither is the case, inside is certifiably some of the catchiest Industrial I've come across this year. While harsh vocals are nothing new to the genre they often can make or break a song, placing far to much influence and volume on these vocals has ruined many a great tracks ambiance; Panic Lift knows how and when to provide this much needed balance, letting the tracks as a whole shine through on their own merit. While the majority of the songs are upbeat and really get your head moving (see title track, "Remnant of a Dead Age") the album the beauty present on tracks such as "Butterfly Wings (My Only Hope)" really is moving. I've heard this album remixed on the dance floor quite often and I honestly don't know why I haven't picked this up sooner.

Try Me

*Obviously I don't own the song, that clearly belongs to Panic Lift.

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