Saturday, June 4, 2011

Extreme Storfrequenz 6

Every once in awhile I just want to sit back and write or read with some noise in the background, something that I don't have to pay much attention to but has driving beats and lets you dissolve into whatever you're doing at the moment. Often I turn to compilations for this, and Extreme Storfrequenz 6 works amazingly well for this. Containing tracks from many artists I've never heard before, it definitely opens on a high note with Soman's "Noistyle" and while the album might have a slower track or two it never really slows down completely. If you're feeling random and want something new, something with cover art that's enjoyable, go give this a try.


  1. Hey could you tell me five essential EBM albums to get me into the genre? I noticed you've been posting heaps lately but am unsure on where to start.

  2. I mean Industrial EBM btw, woops haha.

  3. Hmm I might be a bad person for this, as I just jumped into the genre. So in addition to some recs I'll leave you with this list -> which covers things better than I could.

    Project Pitchfork - Inferno
    Combichrist - Everybody Hates You
    Psyborg Corps. - The Mechanical Renaissance (for some variety)

    Other than those I'd say just ask in the mindless banter box, eveyone's got different things they started with (personally I never could get into NIN, I just jumped right into harder stuff).

  4. Oh and if there is a local Darkwave/Goth/Industrial night at your town I highly recommend you check it out at least once - the majority of my collection came from hearing DJ's play it for the dance floor.

  5. I'll check out that stuff, I live in NZ so I doubt there is going to be any DJ's playing actual music. Fuck NZ.

  6. I hear it's a pretty cool place by all accounts, but yes it might be hard to get some Industrial/EBM there.

    Glad to help out a bit though!

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