Monday, June 6, 2011

Dope Stars Inc. - Ultrawired

While they have never really impressed me some people seem to enjoy DSI, and as this latest album is free I thought it might as well be shared; it might prove a good introduction to the genre for some, as it is really a tame offering. A word to the wise, if you want to enjoy the album don't listen to "Lies Irae" first or you'll be disappointed throughout the rest of the album.


  1. I think you should give them the chance of a second listening. I actually think it is quite original. And I would stop to consider them an 'industrial' band. They are not, obviously. Anyway, that's just my opinion :)
    Peace out.

  2. I do suppose that some might not consider them industrial, and I could almost concur if it was a rather unanimous consensus but that is not the case however. I would have welcomed the band before I started hearing more in the genre, and even though all bands bring something to the table I've never felt like DSI has brought enough so to speak.