Monday, October 24, 2011

Soman, Surgyn, CTRL

Soman, being signed to the ProNoize label, have always been a band known for their hard hitting tracks. With their latest release, Noistyle, Soman tone down the beats and slow down for an album that shows signs of a band trying to evolve. From the guest vocals on "Side Chain" and "Skin Deep" to the minimalist (don't get all excited or you'll be in for a huge let down) cover of "Blue Monday" featuring Sarah Blackwood Soman seems to be changing, and I'm not sure if it's for the better. For a hard hitting song check out the title track, perhaps it may strike your fancy.

Surgyn are from Scottland, and it's cool to see somewhere not normally associated with industrial begin to make their mark. Being entirely self produced Vanity comes off quite clean, and the only real downfall is that nothing here is new to the avid industrial fan. It's worth a listen if you hunger for a new name and face however.

While futurepop and synthpop can often leave the listener bored, it's a genre pitfall many a listener has to stomach when checking out new artists. When it seems as if every up and coming group wants to imitate the juggernauts vocally, and synth lines remain stale an undeveloped it really can be hard to listen to anything that looks a little bit too blase; luckily CRTL is luckier than the rest. CTRL's sound is, in a word, nostalgic. As E.P. opener "City" begins the nostalgia of acts long since past (Depeche Mode) and ones dear to many an electronic lovers heart (VNV Nation). Here are seven tracks that deserve your attention, that weep nostalgia.

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