Monday, October 17, 2011

Alien Sex Fiend, Phosgore, Psyclon Nine, SAM

We need not forget the classics, and while none of us (or maybe one of you fans, or people who stumbled across the site, you might have I suppose) were able to see the Batcave in action in London Alien Sex Fiend remind us all that it was the place to be for that particularly delightful post-punk, and occasionally early industrial, sound.

While on the search for a particular brand of aggrotech I stumbled across Phosgore, and to be fair while it paled in direct comparison to my desired sound (see SAM below) this album is by no means mediocre. While eventually groups in this genre can start to sound the same there is enough variation here to let seasoned listeners know that this isn't a carbon-copy clone, and lucky when you get the people dancing the bands originality becomes rather negligible.

While many have heard Psyclon Nine's later albums the debut from the group focuses on a more industrial/aggrotech image and really puts in perspective how much the band grew as time went on. While Nero still favors that particular flare of distortion the samples and effects are far less developed and nuanced that their final works. Don't be fooled however, this is still the same band that completely rocked the industry and brought some shock back after Manson stole it all away.

Synthetic Adrenaline Music came blasting back with a 2010 album that truly sounds unique and absolutely makes the dancefloor the DJ's b**ch track after track! Even with the help of nothing else even comes close to the sound of this album, and for an fans of aggressive, powernoise-esque, 140+bpm music this is a real treat.

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