Saturday, September 10, 2011

xXRx - 333 Ch1

Crazy things happen late at night, some good and some bad. If for some reason you searched for me last Tuesday you would have found me in luc1d's living room, listening to the dark ambient and industrial tones of the his latest project, xXRx. The latest album is meant to be the beginning of a trilogy, and while it's always great to know that there's more to come from an album that is fast becoming a favorite that's not the best part of 333 Ch1. The ambiance found throughout the album is reminiscent of a tastefully done horror score, often I get the urge to watch Silent Hill while this is playing; though I feel that describing this album such is almost doing it a disservice it's one of the only ways I can describe it to potential listeners. One of the standout tracks is "Ma Mere," whose beginning synths conjure memories of numerous Birthday Massacre songs though it is far creepier than anything Chibi and Co. have done. While I should have been sleeping and getting prepared for college the next morning I most definitely don't consider my time wasted this is one album that shouldn't be missed, go check it out!

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