Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Haujobb - Solutions For A Small Planet

First let me state that this has nothing to do with IBM, even though the album title is an old slogan of theirs. Secondly this is an extremely cyber-punk/computer influenced album unlike any of it's contemporaries today; this was before cyberpunk died and became a selling point. The vocals are distorted to show the loss of humanity, not because it sounds good and everyone is doing it (which in 1996 was far from the case). Haujobb's attention to detail gives each track an almost minimalist feel, yet avid listeners of the genre will be smiling at the depth and layering found herein. It's danceable yet refined, catchy yet lyrically sound - go give it a listen!

Sadly I can't find a link for this, but here's a sample of each track courtesy of

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