Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hatemagick - Cybermechanical Antichristian Phenomenon (2011)

Even though this album came out in February I've only discovered it recently.  It seems that 2011 has some decent industrial to offer however either most of it isn't released until the latter half of the year or it hasn't come out of the woodwork such as this.  Hatemagick is an EBM/aggrotech act from Norway that produces some sick music in the woods.  Wait the woods you say? Yes with the wolves.  Anyways some of their stuff (maybe all) they release for free so check it out and enjoyyy.


  1. Thanks for noticing Hatemagick man!

    I'll give you a few more download links, since Hatemagick just put out a new album 2-3 days ago

    (this album was never released anywhere... I guess I just felt over with that period of my life and moved on to a new life and sound... it does have some good songs though, check out "payback")



    http://www.hatemagick.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Hatemagick - 8.zip

    That's it! And keep following because the future will take all of this to another level, Hatemagick has just begun

  2. And the new one Hellfire EBM, taking a more ebm/dance industrial approach to the Hatemagick sound...


    As you say Hatemagick is from the cold wintery woods so it can't ever escape that sound.

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